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Articles from the Small Business Advisory series are provided to organizations with these two stipulations:

The identification line appearing at the bottom of each article in dark blue must appear with each article in its entirety. The article must be reprinted without alteration.

You can utilize any article at any time as there are no references to specific events or dates in the articles.

Our current SBA article: Making the pass
Previous SBA articles: What Do You Sell?
  It's All Fun and Games
  Using Demographics
  The Master's Techniques
  Details Make the Difference
  What You're Doing Speaks So Loud
  Healthy, Wealthy & Wise
  Second Fiddle
  I Read Your Book
  Finding Reasons to Write to Your Customers
  Mark It Down, Move It Out!
  Why Ask Why?
  A Slice of the Pie
  Adapting to the Market
  Making Your First Impression
  Breakfast with a Purpose
  Here's Looking at You
  Giving the boss a job review
  Solution by Committee
  Hiring the right employee
Upcoming SBA articles: Building a Team
  Finding profits through the back door
  The Opposite of NO
  Managing with your financial statements
  Party time
  Ma Bell Works Here
  How Much is Enough?
  Creating a Partnership
  Polishing the Crystal Ball
  Problem Solving with SARA
  A 9 Piece Customer Service Plan
  Making Your Direct Mail Work
  The Value of a Good Employee
  What's Wrong With This Picture
  Making the sale
  Developing a Profitable Relationship
  The Johnny Appleseed Theory
  The Legacy of the Family Business
  The Walls of Fame
  Are they ever coming back?
  Always ON
  Are you a "My"?
  With a smile on your face
  Leveling the playing field
  The Key Ingredient
  The Emblem of a Business
  Round up the usual suspects
  Some great reading material
  Tag Team Selling
  So, what is "it"?
  Silence is not golden
  Team talk
  Was Michelangelo trained?
  Cheaper is not better
  To Bee or Not to Bee
  Finding the Puck
  Who has the big hat?
  8 steps to solving customer complaints
  Bears and alligators
  What's in your wallet?
  Let's give them something to talk about
  The sky is not falling
  Rethinking a way to more profit
  Ring it up
  Is your investment just sitting there?
  Controlling your inventory
  How fast are you moving?
  Who is your customer?
  Three important documents
  The one in the middle - balance sheet
  The one that means the most
  Tying up some extra business
  Not to decide is to decide
  Smart staffing pays dividends
  Selling as an art form
  A big mistake
  Properly state your profit
  Having Advisors
  Making a big business decision
  Belt tightening in a tight economy
  Utilizing the information from your point of sale
  Making your business plan with the expectation of change
  A change of focus
  The least expensive way to make a difference
  Time for a new way to price
  Five signs to take off
  Consulting with fellow dealers
  Are we having fun yet?
  Minefields and mindfields
  Creating a budget for your business
  Carve more market share
  Potato Chips
  They went that a-way
  What's your score?
  Planning for a successful accountant
  Beating the summer doldrums
  Finding the right management tool
  What you learn when you ask questions
  Jeff, Jerry and David
  Your New Year Resolution
  Is your business an investment?
  Niche departments, niche people
  Rethinking your target customer
  Are you using what you bought?
  Sharing management skills with your employees
  Show your financial statements to your employees
  Be a Hero
  Eliminating crisis management
  Doing it by the book
  Shaw said...
  The need to show pride in your employees
  How are you counting your music?
  What are you doing?
  Abbott and Costello teach business
  Mattresses, Wine and Inventory
  Using data to design your business


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