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Sponsorship of a Tom Shay presentation

With each trade show, there is a new vendor wanting to maximize their exposure to potential customers. Likewise, there is often a vendor that has added a new product or product line, and is in need of that same exposure.

As the organization producing a trade show, you have an opportunity, and obligation to assist in getting those products introduced to dealers. Because the presentations that Tom Shay provides, attendees often want to visit with Tom afterwards to ask questions that are specific to their business, or obtain a signed copy of one of his books.

By having Tom speak at your event, you can capitalize on these needs and opportunities. As an extension of his commitment to dealers, Tom suggests this format:

Select some of Tom's columns that relate to the topic he will be speaking on to promote Tom's appearance at your event.

Offer a sponsorship to a vendor using a "Tom Shay is sponsored at our event by …" tag line with your pre-show material. Include their logo as well. Mention the vendor when introducing Tom, and that Tom will be appearing in the vendor's booth after his presentation.

Explain to the attendees that they can visit the vendor's booth to sign up for a 30-minute one-on-one visit with Tom, and that this service is provided to them with the compliments of that vendor. Utilizing this format, the buyer will be visiting the vendor once to sign up for a time, and a second time for their actual visit.

Tom's books will be made available to the vendor at publisher's price. Most vendors use them in one of two ways. The first is to give a free copy of a book with every qualifying order. Other vendors offer the books to vendors at a reduced price.

This unique promotion will assist you in making your show successful by
1. Having a show that is unique
2. Providing a service to vendors
3. Give the buyers attending your show an extra incentive and opportunity to take information home to make their business more profitable.

After all, aren't profitable businesses and vendors what your trade show or conference is all about?

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