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Our books are now out of print. We do however keep this page on the site as there are so many situations where we refer to the books in various articles and newsletters throughout the Proifts Plus website.

100 Profits+Plus ideas for Power Promoting. You will see ideas that will allow you to tweak your advertising into hot promotions. This book is guaranteed to make money for you with the first idea you implement. (ISBN: 1-891964-01-1)

100 Profits+Plus ideas for Power Managing. Here are 100 proven business tips that will assist you with increasing sales, improving margins, and cutting expenses. (ISBN: 1-891964-02-X)

100 More Profits+Plus ideas for Power Promoting. Continue being on the cutting edge of promoting. (ISBN: 1-891964-05-4)

100 New Profits+Plus Ideas for Power Managing. We continue to collect more ideas from merchants that will add dollars to your bottom line. (ISBN: 1-891964-03-8)

EZ Ca$hflow - Cash Management. Now you can easily create financial projections for the next 12 months of your business. You can anticipate sales, expenses, gross margin, inventory level changes, and most other possible changes in your business. (ISBN: 1-891964-00-3)
How to Become the Preferred Vendor - 251 Strategies for Doing More Business With Retailers. This book is the ultimate guide for a vendor and their sales team to become more than just a source of products and services. It is a guide for becoming a valuable too. (ISBN 0-9674586-2-5)

Relationship Selling Skills Are A Big Deal! The same playing cards that are used in Tom's presentation of this seminar. If you are struggling to find a way to have a creative learning session for your staff, this is the answer to your needs.

You will want to download the notes to play the selling skills game. Click here to download the PDF file.

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