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Tom's schedule of appearances for 2017

January 11 Toronto, ON
January 12-13 Indianapolis, IN
January 21 Milwaukee, WI
February 11 Grand Rapids, MI
February 21 Anaheim, CA
March 11 Indianapolis, IN
March 23-24 Orlando, FL
March 28 New Orleans, LA
April 18-19 Frederick, MD
April 24 Pittsburgh, PA
April 26 Mystic, CT
April 30-May 1 Alexandria, MN
June 14 Minneapolis, MN
July 12 Orlando, FL
July 20 Smithfield, VA
August 7 Ft Myers, FL
August 8 Greensboro, NC
August 12 Atlanta, GA
August 19 Colorado Springs, CO
August 24-25 Portland, OR
September 20 Las Vegas, NV
September 26 Manchester, NH
October 30 Las Vegas, NV
October 31 Las Vegas, NV
November 1 Las Vegas, NV
November 7 Washington, DC

Tom's schedule of appearances for 2018

January 12-15 Denver, CO
February 1 Nashville, TN









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