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Business Strategy Presentation Topics
from Profits Plus and Tom Shay

Where do smart businesses go to learn more about how to manage their business? Where do new people go to learn when they want to start their business? If the answer to these questions is, "your event", then Tom Shay is the speaker you want and these are the topics you want these people to hear.

PDF of business strategy presentations

What it Takes to be a 5-Star Business! - What do the best of the best do? How do they make their business more profitable? How do they manage their business? Their staff? What do they do to prepare themselves to maximize their efforts at work? These questions and many more are answered during this all important session.

Your Customer Doesn't Live Here Anymore! - Has business changed? Have the demographics in every community changed? Have the buying habits of customers changed? The answer to all three questions is, "absolutely"! This session prepares a participant for the daunting task of determining how to zero in on the customers they need to target for increased sales and profitability. This session helps attendees to determine where their customer is, because your customer doesn't live here anymore!


Small businesses Don't Die, They Just Commit Suicide! - A challenging title to a very important topic. It is not the competition that damages a business. Instead it is the incorrect actions, and inactions that hurt a business. This enlightening, stimulating and motivating presentation will send participants home prepared and ready for the challenges ahead.

Making the Most of a Tradeshow! - Attending a tradeshow can be a very expensive proposition. Especially when the attendee does little to prepare for attending the show or does even less follow up work after the show. There hasn't been a class that someone can attend to learn how to maximize their time and the information they receive at a trade show. But now there is such a class. It teaches buyers about making the most of a tradeshow.

Strategies To Win In A Challenging Economy - While the media may be telling us of continuing doom and gloom, each business can control its' own destiny. Here is a list of what to do, what not to do, and what to stop doing. The economy produces winners and losers; this topic gives multiple points of attack for winning in a challenging economy.

Characteristics of a Successful Business! - From a suggestion of a person in a Tom Shay presentation, the question was asked, "What do you consider the characteristics of a successful business?" Here are guidelines as to how a business can achieve that status. Attendees will see what the most successful businesses do as well as receive tips of how to duplicate these success stories.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Business Strategies 'Retha Style - When she sang the song "Respect", Aretha Franklin probably knew she had a hit record. Tom Shay says the song provides businesses with ideas to better understand what their customers want. Following this acronym, along with a new understanding of the lyrics, is a sure recipe for success.

Abbott and Costello Teach Business Strategy - While you may have thought of the "Who's on First" act by Abbott and Costello as purely entertainment, Tom Shay says the famous duo was actually sharing solid ideas of how to operate a small business. Tom Shay will show how all the positions on the team work together to develop a solid plan for developing the proper strategy for a profitable business.

You Can Hire a Manager but You Can't Hire an Owner - While many owners have prior experience as a manager, many fail to make that transition to performing as an owner once they become the owner of a business. This session will illustrate what responsibilities an owner should pass to others as well how to maximize their efforts as an owner. The owner that is too busy being a salesperson or 'doing the job because they do it best' should definitely attend this session.

Creating a Business Plan - The old saying of, 'If you fail to plan, you plan to fail' is definitely true with a small business. This session will show you how to write a business plan that will become a 'living document' for your business; designed to help you eliminate hiring mistakes; making financial mistakes; wasting money with the wrong advertising; and buying the wrong inventory.

See Tom Shay's commentaries on business management on You Tube.

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