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Sales Skills Presentations
from Profits Plus and Tom Shay

Examining the financial statement of a small business you will find that staffing is the largest single expense. This would indicate that a quality staff is invaluable and that staff education is most important. So, where do you find a qualified and experienced speaker for your audiences? Where do you find a speaker that has "been there" and "done that"?

How about a fourth generation small business owner who has over a quarter century experience of front line retail? Utilizing Tom Shay answers those questions and assures you that you will have a speaker that your attendees can relate to. Here are some topics that Tom can present for those that want and need to improve their sales skills.

PDF of Sales Skills Presentations

Advanced Professional Selling Skills - For those that want to take their selling to the next level. This session covers the small and detailed aspects of selling that lead to higher closing rates and increased add-on sales.


So You Want to Be a Master Salesperson! - Here's how. Here is what needs to be heard by those that want to utilize the right combination of science and art as they become a master salesperson.


Relationship Selling Skills are a Big Deal! - This is a very unique, interactive session utilizing a special deck of playing cards. During this session participants will learn how and why the relationship selling skills are the most important ingredient of selling.


The Magic 8's of Selling - Sales skills are learned; they definitely are not inherited knowledge. This Tom Shay presentation shares 8 ways of selling and 8 ways to close a sale. Every person in a position to interact with customers needs to attend this presentation. Your bottom line with be improved because of it.


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