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Profits Plus Solutions for Small Business
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Marketing Skills Presentations
from Profits Plus and Tom Shay

Small businesses are finding that traditional advertising is becoming less and less effective. Eliminating advertising is not the answer, but assistance is needed as most business owners are not skilled advertising and marketing people.

PDF of Marketing Skills Presentations

Power Promoting Ideas 1- The interactive session where time tested and proven ideas for unique advertising and promotion are shared. Previous sessions have had participants going home with sizable lists of ideas that they are now implementing in their business.


Power Promoting Ideas 2 - Many movies have sequels. But here is a unique situation where a session has earned its own sequel. After having success with the first power promoting ideas, this session was created by the successful promotion ideas provided by participants from the first topic.


How to Put SIZZLE On Your Sales Floor! - Is the sales floor looking stagnant? Are the sales per square foot and the average sales ticket way below the national averages? If so, this is the presentation that needs to be heard. This session is packed with ways that the sales floor can be make to be "hot"!



Turning A Sales Flyer Into a Sales Happening! - Many businesses decide to participate in direct mail and do so without knowing how to maximize the results. Too many businesses think that more business comes by just purchasing more copies of the sales flyer. This session contains ideas that will help businesses to increase their sales and the excitement for their staff and customers.

CVS Marketing - Cause, Viral, Social - Traditional forms of advertising - television, radio and newspaper are not only expensive and often ineffective, but the audience they reach is diminishing. Cause, viral and social marketing can do a better job of getting the message to customers. Learn from Tom Shay how to reach today's customers - effectively and inexpensively.

If Patton Ran Your Business: How to Win the Battle With Your Competition! - There is a war going on out there. Should a business defend their market position, become an attacker, a flanker or a guerrilla warrior? This interactive workshop helps a business owner to define the property strategy and then determine the tactics they will implement. Using stories and experiences of General George S. Patton, Tom Shay leads participants in this most useful exercise.

Pricing Strategies for Profits Plus!- How are the prices for products determined? Most likely with little consideration for anything more than the cost of the item. This is most definitely a wrong technique. Participants will learn how to increase their margin, yet eliminate the image of being a high priced store.

We have heard some phenomenal testimonials from participants from this class. One person reported their bottom line doubling in three years. Another reported an increase in profit of $79,000 in one year. Make sure your attendees are getting their share.

The Science and The Art of Buying - Buying is more than just selecting an item, determining a quantity and using a multiplier factor to determine the price. This session explains there are eight key components of being a successful buyer. Each of the eight are explained with suggestions of how to improve your efforts in each of them. This session can help to maintain margins as well as eliminate clearance corners in your business.

AMP Up! Creating Your Advertising Marketing and Promoting Plans - Instead of being 'sold' by someone selling some form of advertising, this session teaches how to be a buyer. You will learn how to plan, budget and evaluate every effort of putting the name of your business before your existing and potential customers.


See Tom Shay's commentaries on marketing by small businesses on You Tube.


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