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What is your body language saying?

The majority of the message that we receive when we speak with another person comes not from the words we use or the tone of our voice. Instead, it comes from the way we stand before the other individual. It is called "body language". This series of informational photos are created to assist you understand the "message" a customer receives as you are standing in front of them.

There are 7 positions. We suggest you visit each of the pages and print them for use in your business as an educational tool. We have created them using various attire.
Photo #1 is with a coat and tie.
Photo #2 is with a jacket such as a pharmacist would wear.
Photo #3 is with an open collar shirt.
Photo #4 is with a shirt and tie.

Click on each of the links below to visit the appropriate page

Coat & tie
Open collar shirt
Shirt & tie
I am confident
I am Defensive
I am Frustrated
I am Insecure
I am Nervous
I am Open
I am Willing to Cooperate


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