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Introduction for Tom Shay

In the movie, "The Wizard of Oz", one of Judy Garland's famous lines as the starring role of Dorothy is, "This doesn't look like Kansas, Toto!"

Owning a small business is a lot like Dorothy's observation. It does not look a lot like it used to. Our speaker today knows very well how business changes, and what it can be like; he, himself is a fourth generation small business owner with over a quarter of a century experience.

As a native of Fort Smith, Arkansas, you will appreciate his references to "Razorback red" slippers as he shares with us, ideas for not only surviving, but thriving in today's world which bears a strong resemblance to the topsy turvey situation Dorothy saw.

During the past twenty five years Tom has been a columnist for over 75 trade magazines, has authored a dozen books and a college text book on small business management

As a business owner he was elected to Who’s Who in the South and Southwest. He earned the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) distinction, an honor that has been earned by less than 8% of the speakers worldwide. Let’s welcome Tom Shay.

To the person who will introduce me:

Today, you and I are a team. The better job YOU do, the better job I will be able to do for your event. You have the opportunity to set the stage and tell the audience what to expect from me. I want them to enjoy themselves as well as receive information to help them increase their business.

1. Practice this several times.
2. Avoid saying things like, "I am reading it just like he wrote it."
3. Don't add anything without discussing it with me first.
4. Show the level of excitement in your introduction that you hope the audience will have for the presentation.

Finally ... THANK YOU for your help. Your role will help make this a presentation the audience will long appreciate.
Tom Shay

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