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August 2007
Volume 8 Issue 9 Profits_Plus Solutions
Tom Shay Photo
Article of the Month

Front Runner
Tom Shay

The August 2007 article talks about making your business different because you are on the cutting edge with the products and services you offer. How are you doing with being a front runner? Click on Article of the Month to view and read this article.

Book of the Month

Butterfly Customer
by Susan M. O'Dell and Joan A. Pajunen

Catching a butterfly can be quite a task. Even though they appear to be moving slowly and gracefully, just try to reach out for one. Customers can be a lot like they; very elusive. So, how can you get that customer to "land" on your business? Take a look at this month's suggested reading.

We have more books to suggest for your reading. Click on Book Referral to visit this page on our site.

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Have you found a great way to reduce shrinkage...or do you need one? Do you have a business issue you need solved? A best practice to share with others? This is your chance to SOUND OFF on topics of vital interest to your business.

Visit our e-ret@iler conversations, find the category of interest and post your comments, questions or best practices. You may also go directly to one of our categories by clicking on one of the links below.

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Business Advisory

Is it a piece of glass or is it a mirror?

Interesting thing you can do with a piece of glass; with most glass you can see through it to see what is on the other side. Then, you can put a coating on it and change it so that you are looking at yourself. I think this is what a lot of businesses do - they have that coating and what they see is themselves. They don't do what is necessary to see the customer.

I thought of this yesterday as I was running a couple of errands and after each stop found my car harder and harder to start. I immediately take it to the garage and in a few minutes they announce that the battery should be replaced. They give the appropriate credit as the dying battery is still under warranty and proceed to install a new battery.

You would think they would be seen as doing a great job, and I am sure that many people would. But what I experienced was how they missed the opportunity to be outstanding. So outstanding that I would want to tell everyone about how great they are. (Remember one of our previous discussions about creating 'sneezers'?)

Getting back in the car, I remember that when you take out a battery, all of the memory in your electronics is gone. So you have to reset the clock, radio settings and all of those other details. Locating the instruction manual, reading through it, remembering all of your preferences and performing all of those tasks take time.

However, imagine the repair shop that used an additional battery to keep your car connected to a power supply while they changed out your battery. Then imagine the mechanic placing a note on your dash explaining that he or she was concerned about your losing your settings. The note explains what they did and how your settings are not disturbed. The note even states that if you have any questions you can call the mechanic with a name and phone number at the bottom of the note.

What if your repair shop did that? Wouldn't you tell lots of people about how great they are? You see, it is fairly easy to look at that mirror, but the great businesses know how to scrape off the film from the back side and see through the glass to see the most important thing - their customer. What do you see?

Internet Tip of The Month
A.M.P. Calculator

Advertising is a unique proposition. Many businesses spend as much on advertising as they produce in net profit. Yet for many businesses they don't take the time to develop a plan. How odd! Work all year to produce profit, but spend the same amount with little thought or no plan.

The AMP calculator is a tool we have created that solves the problem. AMP stands for advertising, marketing and promotion. It will help you to plan for an entire year and make decisions wisely. Of the 30 plus calculators we have on the website, I think this is one of the best. Not only does it help you plan, it stores all of your data on our system so that when you want to work on your plan again, all of the information is right there at hand.

AMP Calculator


Enlarging your print advertising

Think about your print advertising. Some customers will go to the extreme of cutting out the advertisement and carrying with them so they do not forget to come into your business. These people will definitely be there to look at your business.

Then there are those that make a note to themselves, or perhaps just a mental note that the next time they are in the area, they would stop by. With this group, we are hoping to move them to become among those that are definitely coming.

We found that by taking our newspaper advertisement and having the local print shop enlarge it, we could place the enlargements on the doors and windows of our business as a reminder to those passing by that this is a place they want to stop.

This small investment paid great dividends in our business. And if you find a really sharp print shop, you can arrange to have them do it consistently for you. They should be able to watch the paper, make the enlargements and deliver them to you.

This idea is #10 from the red Profits Plus Ideas book. You can order your copy by clicking on the link below.

Profits Plus Resource Center

Where's Tom?

Summer will soon be wrapping up, and the busy season of fall tradeshows and conferences is beginning. Here is Tom's current schedule for the next two months:

August 9 Houston, TX
August 12 Atlanta, GA
August 22 Chicago, IL
August 24 San Antonio, TX
September 4-6 St. Louis, MO
September 8 Yakima, WA
September 12 Sacramento, CA
September 13 Seattle, WA
September 16 Indianapolis, IN
September 18 Springfield, MA
September 19 Chicago, IL
September 20 Philadelphia, PA
September 22 Orlando, FL
September 28 Las Vegas, NV
September 29 Newark, NJ

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