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The article for May is "They went that a
way". It is a story about an often overlooked
aspect of customer service:

They went that a way


We also want to remind you of a neat book
that you should consider reading in your continued
efforts to improve yourself and your business.
"Stop talking, start doing retail branding" by
John Torella. If you have already read this book,
take a look at the current list of suggestions on
our website.

Book Referral List


Each month we share with you a promotional idea
that a successful merchant has shared with us.
Try a "Dutch Auction" to get ride of old merchandise.
Take the items you want to get rid of, clean
them up, and put a new full price sticker on
each of the items. Place all of the items on
a table in a prominent place in your business.

If you did this sale this month, the sign would
read something like this:

10% off all items on this table. Any merchandise
left on the table as of May 9 will be 20% off.
Any merchandise left on this table as of May 16
will be 30% and merchandise remaining as of May
23 will be 40% off.

This promotion can really clear out any old
merchandise you have. And if you haven't read
our collection of books with promotional and
management tips, then take a look at this

Order the Ideas books series


We also have a sales tip that will work for many
of the items you sell. When the sale has been
made, ask the customer, "Is one enough, or
would two be better?"

There are many items you sell that this subtle
suggestion/question will push the customer to
say, "I will take two".

When you have your next staff meeting, suggest
that everyone try this on as many of their
sales as applicable. You will likely see a
success rate of 10% to 15% and that represents
a lot of sales increases.


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Thanks for your time. See you in June.

Tom Shay

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