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If you lower your price calculator

There is always a discussion with businesses about the prices that are charged for a product or service. If the price is $12, a business owner will wonder if they can sell a lot more of the product if the price is reduced to $10.

This calculator helps to answer that question from two perspectives. The first part of the answer is to tell you how many more you have to sell to make the same amount of gross dollars of sales. The second calculation will tell you how many you have to sell to make the same amount of gross profit dollars.

With each calculation, you are then left to make a decision. You know now how many more you do actually have to sell; you then ask yourself if you believe that is an achievable goal. Remember that in achieving the goal, you are not making any more profit or any more sales dollars, you are just selling more units to produce the same gross sales dollars or gross profit dollars.

If you lower your price calculator
Price Per Unit $
Numberof Units 
Cost Per Unit $
Gross Sales Amt $
Gross Margin %
Gross Profit  $
How Many Units Will I Need To Sell At $
To Make The Same Gross Sales Of $
New Gross Profit  $
New Gross Margin %
How Many Units Will I Need To Sell To Make the Original Gross Profit Dollars? 
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