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Sample videos from Tom Shay and Profits Plus

We offer five video samples of Tom Shay presentations. They are 20 minute snippets from some of Tom Shay's most popular presentations. Because of the length, please allow time for the videos to load onto your computer.

You can hire a manager but you can't hire an owner is Tom Shay's insight into the appropriate tools for an owner to profitably and efficiently operate the business. It begins with determining what are the exclusive responsibilities of the owner and what can be delegated to employees.


This presentation, What it takes to be a 5 star business!, is a workshop that can vary in length from one hour to one day. It helps a business owner to identify the challenges and opportunities within their business.


This presentation, Team UP for Success!, teaches the participants how to develop their format for teaching their employees. Everyone will agree that the sales staff should be better at selling, but how do you teach that? This is the session that teaches how to teach retail.


This presentation, Power Promoting, is Tom Shay's "posters" presentation. As a result of the popularity, we have Power Promoting 1 and Power Promoting 2. The two presentations do not have to be given in sequence; the second presentation is an extension of what was shared during the first one.


This presentation, Keys to Building Strong Retailers, was given to the directors of a state level Main Street program. In addition to this presentation which is directed to directors and volunteers of Main Street programs, we have several other programs in this same direction as well as many presentations designed for the businesses within a Main Street district.

Three Steps to Increasing Your Profit Margin was presented to an association of golf stores. This video includes the video as well as the powerpoint presentation as their association is using this video as a part of their continuing education program.

Have you seen a "TED talk?" They are short presentations, under 18 minutes, which are designed to inspire an individual to examine a topic in a different light.


Here is Tom Shay giving a TED presentation on Are you trying to be something you aren't?


Here is Tom Shay giving a TED presentation on How to Become Obsolete in One Easy Lesson.


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