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Have you ever thought about the return on investment you get from your business? This month we offer a free calculator that will make that determination for you. And it will show you how to improve your ROI.
Tom Shay
Profits Plus Solutions
November 2017
Volume 19 Issue 1

Big discounts, cherry pickers, and a birthday cake

With the November issue of the e-retailer over the past 18 years, we have most frequently suggested readers participate in Teach In Day. The event works with local schools and has people from the community teach classes for a day. We have always been fond of it as it allows us to tell students about becoming business people.

While many of us have our successors come from within the family, you could be the one that peaks the interest of a young person who eventually becomes a small business owner.

The event is now called, "Educator for a Day" and for 2017 will be held on Thursday, November 16. Let us suggest your contacting local schools to learn more about participating.


This is our last year of being a teenager. The e-retailer is 19 years old today. On the first of every month for what is now 217 consecutive months we have sent this newsletter to you. Thanks for joining us.

Article of the Month - Tie Up Extra Business

This month's article tells a story that has likely happened to most all of us; someone walks into your business for the first time and asks if the business has just opened. While you are glad the customer has visited, you are somewhat challenged by what has happened as your business has been open for decades.

Take a look at this month's article which has several ideas for solutions to helping more people find your business; and it does not require your spending more advertising dollars.
Book of the Month
Thank you for being late

While the expression is, "the only thing that is certain is change", we might look at it today and say there is an additional component; "life is getting faster and faster"

Thomas L. Friedman's, "Thank you for being late", is intended to cause us to change the way we see everything. We see it as being in the same vein as the keynote I deliver, "Strategies to Win in a Challenging Economy". With this presentation we have seen people make some drastic changes in how they operate their business as well as themselves. We see the same potential results from this book.

Internet Tool for Your Business Calculating your Return on Investment (ROI)

When you invest money in something, surely you ask what the rate of return is on your investment. This is referred to as your return on investment (ROI).

Have you ever wondered what the return on investment is within your business? You consider all of the assets in your business, along with sales, operating expenses, and profit to come up with a number.

In addition to having a seminar on the subject, we have a free online calculator on the Profits Plus website that will not only answer the question for you, but will also show you what you can do to improve your ROI.
Staff Incentive for Your Business - "Give me 20"

One of the greatest shortcomings of all businesses is the failure to listen to employees. They are our front line connection to our customers; to each other; and the front line connection to every process, procedure and policy we have within our business.

What if once a year, during the staff education meetings we have previously frequently talked about, you asked each of your staff members to give you 20 ideas of what could be changed within your business?

There would be three conditions to each of the ideas. They have to be to the advantage of the customer, the business, and to all employees.  

There does not have to be a reward to individuals. It would be such a unique experience for employees to know that the business, and their employer, want their input as we should all work to improve our business.

We want to recognize A Carrot A Day by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, whose book provides the basis for each month's incentive idea.
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