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  e-ret@iler newsletter
November 2007
Volume 8 Issue 12
Profits_Plus Solutions
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Article of the Month

Why ask why?

The November 2007 article deals with our concept of asking questions of customers as you make a sale. You will see that the person that is in control of a sale is the one that is asking the questions. Click on Article of the Month to view and read this article.

Book of the Month

Getting employees to fall in love with your company
by Jim Harris

When I met Dr. Jim Harris 10 years ago, he was the president of our local speakers association. He is a very intelligent person with a lot of insight. You will enjoy what he has to say in this book.

We have more books to suggest for your reading. Click on Book Referralto visit this page on our site.

e-ret@iler Conversations


Visit our e-ret@iler conversations, find the category of interest and post your comments, questions or best practices. You may also go directly to one of our categories by clicking on one of the links below.

  1. Advertising
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  4. General Discussion
  5. Merchandising
  6. Sales Techniques
  7. Vendor Issues


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Business Advisory

Great American Teach-In Day

It seems to vary from county to county, and state to state as to what the exact date is. In our area it will be on Thursday, November 15. If it is not an event in your area or country, then this is a great time for you to start a tradition. The idea is that you volunteer to teach at a local school. From those we have previously observed, you can get some great free press by being creative in what you teach and how you teach. You also get that good feeling from being an active part of your community.

Internet Tip of The Month
Cost of inventory calculator

You stock an item that you have been buying every couple of weeks from a vendor. You go to their trade show and there is a deal to buy the same item. Buy a larger quantity, get free freight, a discounted price, and dating.

Which way is the better way to buy the item? You may be able to guess the answer, but it is a guess. This calculator will analyze the item for you for an eight month period. Use this free calculator to understand how to extend your margins without losing.

Cost of Inventory Calculator

The Power Promoting Idea of the Month

Help them with the Christmas shopping

Sell something that comes in a choice of colors, sizes, or requires some information specific to the user? The power promoting idea of the month comes from a reader that creates a special business card for all their staff to use. The traditional information is on the front side, and the back side helps to gather the appropriate information. As an example, a men's clothing store would have spaces following these leads.

Coat size
Shirt size
Waist size
Shoe size
Sweater size

Getting your staff to use these sales help business cards can greatly help your Christmas sales.

This idea is #85 from the red Profits Plus Ideas book. You can order your copy by clicking on the link below.

Profits Plus Resource Center

Where's Tom?

We are quickly coming to that time of year when I return to the office to work on new material and several continuing education projects, and you are becoming very busy with your business. So, the traveling takes a short break. Here is what is left on the schedule for 2007.

November 1 Las Vegas, NV
November 2 Orlando, FL
November 7 Anaheim, CA
November 8 Seattle, WA
November 16 Las Vegas, NV

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