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  e-ret@iler newsletter
October 2008
Volume 9 Issue 11
Profits_Plus Solutions
Tom Shay Photo
Article of the Month

Tom Shay

While the article for this month was written many years ago, I had the occasion to have the same experience again this week.

You can read about the experience in this month's business advisory. But, most important is that you ask yourself if you or those working for you are doing something like this to your customers.

Read about how to 'kiss' in this months's article.

Click on Article of the Month to read this article.

Book of the Month

I quit, but forgot
to tell you

Terri Kabachnick

Having experienced the scenario which is the title of this book, I can highly recommend this reading. Have you ever had an employee that continued on the job, but had mentally 'quit'?

I know Terri Kabachnick and she is a very sharp and very experienced retailer. I know you will enjoy her book.

We have more books to suggest for your reading. Click on Book Referral to visit this page on our site.

e-ret@iler Conversations


We have a lot of new information on the e-ret@iler conversations blog. We invite you to add your comments, ideas, and observations.

Visit our e-ret@iler conversations, find the category of interest and post your comments, questions or best practices. You may also go directly to one of our categories by clicking on one of the links below.

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Business Advisory

Two business advisories for October 2008. The first is the personal experience I mentioned at left in the article of the month.

The article was written years ago, yet the experience happens over and over. I took the overnight flight to the east coast and arrived at the hotel at 9:00am on a Wednesday morning. I had a prepaid hotel reservation for the Tuesday night. Yet, as I arrive, am told that my room is not ready yet. Asking how it can be that I am arriving for a room at the time when most people are checking out, the desk clerk is lost for an explanation.

I stated that all I needed was a room in which I could take a shower and change clothes. After a few minutes, the clerk explains that all they can find is a room with two double beds. Again, I explain what my need is.

Then as they finally figure out a room, I am asked for a credit card in case I want room service, Internet, etc. Again I explain that I only need 45 minutes in the room to shower and change. Finally it sinks in to the clerk, and they apologize for the delay.

What happens in these situations is frequently not the employee's fault. They aren't taught (or allowed) to think. They are told what to say and to follow through on the step by step instructions.

Why do businesses hire people, give them a key to the front door of the business, and then fail to let them think?

Second advisory. November 22 is America Unchained! Canada Unchained! day. Visit the website for this organization, Amiba.Net and see how you can make this event work in your community. You may just be the individual needed to get individuals to see how their doing business with a local independent is better than doing business with a chain store.

Internet Tip of The Month
What's a customer worth?

This web tool is what we used in our store to remind people of the importance of customers. Enter some basic information, and a couple of your best estimates. Your staff will see just how important, via a dollar amount, each customer is to your business.

What's a customer worth?

The Power Promoting Idea of the Month

Utilize your knowledge

As the fall season is among us, and our daily routine settles in, many of the community organizations (Optimist, Kiwanis, Rotary, Civitan, etc) are back to their regular schedule of meeting.

With most of these groups, as they meet they are in need of a speaker for their event. By seeking out these groups and volunteering to speak, you will have the opportunity to share with them for about 15 minutes. You can't give them a sales pitch about what you sell, but you can give some pointers.

If you sell clothes, you can talk about fabric care and the colors and fashions for the coming season. If you sell auto parts, you can talk about how they can take care of their vehicle to maximize mileage.

When you complete your presentation, you can give away samples, have a 'door prize' and leave your business card with attendees. And when you do a good job with one of the civic groups, expect to see that another is going to invite you to speak.

This is a great way for the community to hear about your business, your products and services.

When you visit our resources center, you can order either of our power promoting books. One has a red cover and the other has a blue cover. There are also two books on 'power managing'. These books have a green cover and a yellow cover.

You can order your copy by clicking on the link below; each book is only $9.95 plus postage.

Profits Plus Resource Center

Where's Tom?

Tom is busy for this fall as the number of people wanting to hear about sound business management continues to grow. Here is the current 60 day schedule as of the first of October:

October 11 Las Vegas, Nevada
October 14-16 Laramie, Wyoming
October 19 Fort Worth, Texas
October 21 Providence, Rhode Island
October 26 Minneapolis, Minnesota
October 28-29 Hendersonville, North Carolina
October 30 Morganton, North Carolina
November 4-5 Las Vegas, Nevada
November 8 Hardevile, South Carolina

The online calendar is kept up to date as well as includes our extended calendar. My family calls this page,

Where's Tom?

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