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What does not kill us will make us stronger;
what happens to this business is still being decided.

Tom Shay
Profits Plus Solutions
September 2017
Volume 18 Issue 10

The story of Tom and how the Internet became a small business owner

Once upon a time not very long ago, a man named Tom (not me) went out for the afternoon with a friend. Together they went to a business Tom had never been to. It was supposed to be a pleasant afternoon with the two enjoying spending some discretionary money. Unfortunately, the afternoon did not go as planned.

As they were leaving, Tom told his friend he thought he would enjoy it if they tried another similar business. The friend told Tom that all of the businesses in the area gave the same poor customer service and experience.

Tom's profession was a completely unrelated industry. He saw this experience as a call to action, and an opportunity. He studied all of the same type of businesses in the area. With his collection of experiences, Tom decided to open his own business. Things went well for Tom and he opened another location.

Today, Tom's business, a direct competitor to where he had the bad experience, has more than a dozen locations with more in the works.

Who caused Tom to go into business? There is a similar story told of how Bass Pro Shops came into being.

When the Internet evolved into something that involved the public, becoming a place for people to purchase products and services was not a part of the plans.
However, there were people who saw the same kind of opportunity that my friend Tom saw - someone doing a poor job of taking care of their customers.

They could offer little customer service, eliminate a lot of operating expenses, and lower prices to get to customers.

Many of us as small business owners continue to leave the door open to allow the Internet, or people like Tom, the opportunity to take our existing customers and prevent new customers from finding us.

Shut the door.

Looking for customers

Staying in the same vein of discussion, the article for September tells of more experiences with customer service. My father would teach by sharing this story; "A dog with a full food bowl does not go looking at other dog food bowls".

We cannot put the genie back in the bottle; the Internet is not going away. This does not mean the game is over. Some businesses will die; not because the Internet killed them but because they did not take care of the customer And for those who see the opportunity to take care of their customers, there is plenty of opportunity for sales and profit.

We trust you will enjoy the article.

Book of the Month - Conversion: the last great retail metric

This past week I had the fun experience of being in Portland, Oregon and getting to wander through Powell's Bookstore. What a treat and what a selection of business books. We'll have lots of book ideas to share in the coming months.

The September book of the month is another written by our April guest on the e-retailer conversation program - Mark Ryski.

Conversion - the last great retail metric expands on our conversation as Mark explains how comparing the number of people walking into a business to those making a purchase can tell you a lot about what is going on in the business.

You can learn about the results of your advertising as well as which of your employees are helping to convert customers from lookers into buyers.

We think you will learn a lot from Mark's years of experience and testing. It could be a big help to you and your business.

Internet Tool for Your Business - the SBA

While this e-retailer newsletter features an article each month, we have another free monthly service called the, "Small Business Advisory" (SBA). The SBA is sent to you in the middle of each month. These articles are short, to the point ideas that can help you in your business.

You can sign up to receive the SBA by clicking on the link below.
Staff Incentive for Your Business

With any trade show or conference you attend, it is a bit of a challenge to not hear or attend a seminar on using social media for your business. Today we will share an idea of putting that social media to use.

Think about an employee that you are proud of; whether because of the way they take care of customers; being dependable; teaching other employees how to duplicate their efforts; or anything else that you deem worthy.

What if you used social media to brag about the employee? You could tell customers why you are glad to have that employee on your team. We think you will find that posting to be shared by many of your customers. We know when your employee sees the posting about them, you are going to have an employee that appreciates the recognition.

Isn't that what building a team is about?

We want to recognize A Carrot A Day by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton, whose book provides the basis for each month's incentive idea.

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