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May 2002
Sent at your request by Profits+Plus Seminars & Tom Shay

1. The article of the month on the Profits+Plus website: Doing Your Market Homework
2. e-ret@iler advisory of the month: We're proud of a new product!
3. New things on the Profits+Plus website: Standing before you customer
4. Our Power Promoting Idea of the month:
5. Your free subscription to the e-ret@iler
6. Contacting Profits+Plus Seminars and Tom Shay

1. Doing Your Market Homework
Our May article on the Profits Plus website is entitled,
"Doing Your Market Homework".

April was one of the busiest months of the year with regard to trade shows. Many of you are just returning from the last of the spring trade shows and are now settling into work for the summer. The article of the month will help you to organize and better use the information you have with you as you returned from the trade show. After all, attending the show can be an expensive proposition if you do nothing with the information. It can be a great investment if you do something with the information you have received.

2. May 2002 e-ret@iler advisory: We're proud of a new product! Over the years, we have heard many people tell us they would have regularly scheduled staff meetings if they knew how to create and arrange the material for the classes. One of the biggest stumbling blocks we were told, were sales techniques.

We have created a game that will give your staff the necessary information to improve their sales skills. The game uses a handout which is on our website, and a deck of 24 cards. There are three sections to the game: a round of spades, a round of hearts, and a round of diamonds. Playing the game, your staff asks each other questions to which the answers will enlighten them as to how to improve their sales skills.

Currently, we are on a tour around the United States - sharing the game with the members of the World Floor Covering Association, and are finding people are getting into the game. When our hour is up, they are still eager to continue playing because there is so much information that they are adding to their personal sales techniques.

We usually spend the monthly e-ret@iler advisory talking about new ideas we have seen. This month the new idea we have seen is one of our own, and are thrilled to see the results we are getting. Click on Resource Page.

3. Other new things at the Profits+Plus Seminars website:
From Tom's "Masters of Legendary Service" presentation, we have added seven new pages to the website. It has been shown that the way we stand before our customer often says more to our customer than do our words. On these new pages we describe what our hand and facial gestures say to our customers. There is also a picture that illustrates our body language. We suggest you visit each of these pages, print them and hang them in a place where you can often look at them and remind yourself of what your body language is saying to your customers.

4. Our Power Promoting Idea of the month: Send your customers a letter
Our Power Promoting Idea of the month comes from Tom's book and seminar entitled, "Power Promoting." This promotion idea is probably the most valuable lesson anyone can learn in their business.

Send a letter to your customers. The old saying is, "Never forget a customer, never let a customer forget you". Send something to your customers (we did ours each month) telling them about your business - what is new, any changes you have made to your business, tell them about someone that works in your business, tell them about another of your customers (perhaps someone that has gotten their name in the newspaper). The idea is to make it as friendly as possible because people buy from people they like and people they remember.

5. Your free subscription to the e-ret@iler
Going to change your Internet provider soon? Creating a new e-mail address for your self? If so, be sure to let us know so that we can keep the e-ret@iler coming to you.
It is the best way to make sure you do not miss an issue.

If you have received this edition of the e-ret@iler by way of someone passing it onto you, you can get a free subscription list by clicking on the e-retailer logo in the upper left corner to subscribe.

6. Contacting Profits+Plus Seminars and Tom Shay
Thank you for inviting us onto your desktop, and taking the time to read our newsletter. We trust you have received some business building ideas from it as we look forward to seeing you again next month.

Make an effort to locate and do business with other small businesses! Let's keep our money "in the family".

God Bless America!

Get Your Profits+Plus,

Tom Shay

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