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May 2000

Sent to you at your request by Tom Shay and Profits+Plus Seminars
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The new article on the website for May is entitled The Price is Getting Right. It deals with the concept I speak of in seminars with regard to pricing against the big box competition. And if you missed the April article, it is still posted on the site. The April issue deals with the most frequently asked question, which is, "How much margin should I have?"

With many e-mail programs, you can click on the link at the end of this sentence to go immediately to the May article page on our website. The Price is Getting Right

New on the Profits+Plus website:

There are a lot of new items on the website this month as we have added approximately 35 new pages. On the site, you can find:
The customer survey which is frequently mentioned in seminars.
The Putney pricing chart
The chart which shows how much sales you can lose when you raise your prices, and still have the same gross profit dollars.
We have also added all 26 of the posters that I give away in seminars. You can download them and print them for use in your business.

Don't forget about the business knowledge test. It is a 20 multiple choice question test which will test you on your ability to manage a business. As you answer the questions and press "submit", you will immediately get the answers and score. Play as often as you like. It is free for you to enjoy and improve your business knowledge. Retail Test Page

So, here is what we have found on the Internet in the past month to share with you.

Home Improvement

If a homeowner is going to get ideas for doing some home improvement to their residence, here is where they will be visiting to get ideas:

62% said a home improvement store
17% said a department store
15% said a hardware store
14% said a home furnishing or decorating store
9% said a lumberyard
7% said a specialty store
6% said an appliance store and
6% said a gardening store or nursery

Rocket science
Last month, I heard a speaker talking to folks in the automotive industry. He asked how often they had heard someone comment about a mechanic, saying, "Fixing a car isn't rocket science!"

Actually it is now more than that. The speaker went on to say that today's Ford Taurus has more computer technology in it than did the first Apollo spacecraft that landed on the moon.

Up and coming colors
If the products you sell are affected by the popularity of colors, for the next year shades of copper, red, and brown are listed as being the top three with sheer blues and greens next.

Don't forget to visit the website to see the resources we have created specifically for retailers. You can click this link to go immediately to that page. Resources

Thank you for allowing us to visit your computer this month, and taking the time to read our newsletter. We trust you have received some business building ideas from it, as we look forward to seeing you again next month.

Get your profits plus,
Tom Shay

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