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Business Building Ideas for January from Profits Plus & Tom Shay
January 2003 - Our 38th issue
Sent at your request by Profits Plus Seminars & Tom Shay

The article of the month on the Profits Plus website: The Legacy of The Family Business
e-ret@iler advisory of the month: Celebrate March 29 - Mom and Pop Business Owners Day
The January 2003 e-ret@iler contest and the prizes
AMP calculator now available!
Our Power Promoting Idea of the Month: Clearing out the old stuff
Your free subscription to the e-ret@iler
Contacting Profits Plus Seminars & Tom Shay

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The Legacy of The Family Business
The January article has only been seen by those who have purchased
or won a copy of our CD e-book, What does Tom say? It reflects for those of us who have come from multi generation families in business and asks what we are going to do about the next generation. I hope you enjoy it. The title of the article is, "The Legacy of The Family Business".

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January 2003 e-ret@iler advisory: Mom and Pop Business Owners Day - March 29

Hallmark Cards may be the master at finding a way to create an event and selling their products as they encourage consumers to participate. Youcan also have an event. Now is the time to begin planning for Saturday, March 29,as it is Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. You can have a customer appreciation day; decorate the store, and do anything else to create excitement.

Why would you want to do this? A study by the Retail Marketing Institute shows that 70% of customers will go somewhere else if it is more fun to do business there. Years ago the strategy for getting customers may have like the book title, In Search of Excellence. But today, it is In Search of Entertainment. Make sure your business entertains your customers.

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New product from Profits Plus: AMP Calculator

Last month we introduced the AMP calculator and offered a special. There was a limit to the number of people who could subscribe at thespecial price of $25 (AMP calculator is sold for $40 annually on the
Profits+Plus website. As several people missed the cut off, we aregoing to offer the $25 special one more time.

Our AMP calculator (which stands for Advertising, Marketing, and Promoting) is now available as an online service. If you have struggled to develop an annual plan for your business with regard to these three aspects, then we have the tool for you! The AMP calculator will guide you through a series of questions (Do you want to create an advertising budget as a percentage of gross revenue? How many radio stations will you use? Do you want to set aside a part of this money for last minute opportunities and donation advertising?)
As you answer these questions, the AMP calculator will develop this plan for you and even assist you in creating themes and names for your events.

Better yet, the plan can be revised as often as you need to.

If you would like to see the AMP calculator click on the link below. AMP Calculator

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Our Power Promoting Idea of the month: Clearing out the old stuff

January begins and for many businesses, there is a lot of old merchandisethat needs to go away as new items will be arriving for the spring.

While that item may have been the gem of your eye when you first saw itat a trade show in 2002, the reality is that your customers do not see that item with the thought that they have to have it. Get rid of it, and get your money back to work for you. One of the neat things about business is that you can usually get at least your cost back. Too often we try to clear out old merchandise bystarting with a 10% discount, and letting the merchandise sit for a month before we try for a 20% discount. Make it a great deal for your customers.

Think of giving your customers a great deal as a way to reward them forhaving done business with you during the past year.

The Power Promoting Idea of the month comes from the pages of Tom Shay's 100 Profits Plus Ideas for Power Promoting. You can click on this link to visit
the resources page to order this book and the other three in the series. Resources Page

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Contacting Profits Plus Seminars and Tom Shay. This issue is our 38th consecutive edition of the e-ret@iler. We do sincerely thank
you for taking time from your busy work day to read the e-ret@iler. We work hard to write this newsletter, always looking to find more information that can help you make your business more profitable.

Make an effort to locate and do business with other small businesses! Let's keep our money "in the family".

God Bless America!

Get Your Profits Plus,

Tom Shay

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